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"Renewal"               30" X 40"            Oil on Linen


Flint Hills Exhibition

Strecker Nelson Gallery
Manhattan Kansas.

Opening Reception
Friday September 9, 2016

"We all need time to sit and rest,         
                 a place to relax and take a breath."

Michael Albrechtsen is a talented landscape and figure painter.   He strives to capture the drama and emotions from the images of his experiences and memories of his travels.   He enhances this drama with skillful handling of color and light.

 Michael teaches his students to paint what they see in that first six seconds.  When one can paint what they see in that brief first look at something they are able to capture the freshness of the view.  One decides right away if it's beautiful.  It's an initial reaction.  You're drawn to the drama of it.

Michael also tries to apply that six second test to his own creations.  Michael's paintings have a vivid, richness that few painters are able to achieve.